1. Why should I use The House Ministry for interior design services?

As professional interior designers we take a holistic view of your space, and will interpret your likes, dislikes and aspirations for your home in a problem solving, objective way.  We can save you time and money.  A trained eye can pull a cohesive look together in a much shorter space of time and crucially can help you avoid expensive mistakes, such as choosing furniture too large for the room or which doesn’t go with existing pieces.  You’ll also have access to products not available on the high street, as well as solutions that you may not have thought of or heard of.  Another benefit is the access to our ‘little black book’ of high quality, reliable tradespeople who share our values of integrity and service.

2. Won't an interior designer just impose their own style on me?

Any interior designer worth their salt will question you thoroughly about your wishes, likes and dislikes and listen carefully to your answers to come up with a scheme that absolutely reflects what you the client will enjoy living with.  Our personal preferences should not come into play and even if you specifically ask for a ready made scheme such as for a holiday let, we would still tailor the style to fit profile of the users.

3. What about costs?

Once we have an agreed budget figure to work to we will stick to this (assuming that no specification changes or additions are made be the client). In respect of our fees, you are accessing our expertise, knowledge, trade contacts and project management skills, so our fees will depend on the extent of your project and how much or little you are willing to do yourself.  We offer a wide range of services which can be tailored to fit your requirements and your budget.  From ideas to get you started on your project, through to a full implementation of a scheme.  If you would like an informal chat about your project to see how we may help you, please call Julia on 01242 572108 01453 766554

4. Any other questions?

If you have any other questions please call us on 01242 572108 or 01453 766554 or via email to info@thehouseministry.co.uk.