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10 Fool Proof Interior Design Tips for Making Your Cotswolds Home Super Stylish, Cosy and Inviting

by | Mar 12, 2023 | General interior design tips, Design Tips & Trends

10 Foolproof Interior Design tips for your Cotswolds Home

If you live in the beautiful Cotswolds, you’ll very likely want to create a stylish home but one that also has a cosy and inviting atmosphere – whether you live in a period property or a modern one.

After all, the Cotswolds is known for its stunning countryside, picturesque villages and historic architecture.  But how do you create a warm and welcoming home that also reflects the Cotswolds’ unique character and heritage?

Here are 10 foolproof interior design tips to get you started, and characteristics found in every stylish Cotswolds home:

1. Embrace natural materials: Use natural materials like wood, stone, and wool to create a warm and cosy feel in your home. These materials not only reflect the Cotswolds’ natural beauty and bring a touch of rustic charm to your interiors, but as many of the buildings were built in connection with the wool trade in particular, you’ll be echoing the heritage of the area.

Woollen Throw rolled up
Texture and Pattern

2. Add texture and pattern: Mix and match different textures and patterns to create a cosy and inviting space. For example, you can layer a wool rug over a stone floor or mix plaid and floral patterns in your soft furnishings. Keeping the colour palette the same allows you to successfully mix different patterns and texture is a great way to add interest to the scheme.

3. Choose warm colour schemes: Opt for warm colour schemes that reflect the Cotswolds’ natural beauty. Think earthy tones, muted greens, warm blues, and soft yellows. Take your colour cues from the natural world around the Cotswolds you and you can’t go wrong. 

The House Ministry Cool Vibe Close Up Armchair
Comfortable seating

4. Invest in comfortable seating: Invest in comfortable seating that encourages relaxation and conversation. Choose plush sofas and chairs in soft fabrics like velvet, linen or wool. Quality items in classic styles are worth the investment and will give you a couple of decades of service.

5. Create cosy lighting: Use lighting to create an intimate and inviting atmosphere in your home. Mix overhead lighting with wall sconces, table lamps and candles to create a warm and inviting ambiance. By including fittings for different lighting purposes – task, ambient, accent and decorative – you’ll swiftly be able to change the mood of the room.

Ribbed table lamp
Woollen throw

6. Add soft furnishings: soft furnishings like throws, cushions and blankets to create a cosy and inviting space quickly. These accessories are like the jewellery on the room design and add warmth, comfort and style as well as personality to the rooms.

7. Display art: Choosing artwork and objects that reflect the Cotswolds’ natural beauty is also a great way to add personality to your interiors. The Cotswolds is home to a thriving community of artisans and craftspeople and by choosing local artists you will create a connection to the area in your home.

Cotswolds Artwork
Perspex backed custom wardrobe

8. Keep it clutter-free: Keep your home clutter-free to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Invest in storage solutions that keep your belongings out of sight and your space organised. Although built-in storage is not inexpensive, it will always maximise the use of space especially in cottages with smaller rooms.

9. Incorporate plants: Incorporate flowers and plants into your interiors to bring the outdoors in and create a natural and calming atmosphere.  There are many houseplants which do well in lower natural light such as aspidistras and monsteras.  For those of you without green fingers there are some incredibly realistic faux plants which will look good without anything more than a quick dust.

Plants and artwork in a Cotswolds home
Decor items in Cotswold stone nook

10. Personalise your space: Finally, personalise your space to make it your own. Incorporate your favourite colours, patterns, and accessories to create a space that reflects your unique personality and style. There are many interesting auction houses and vintage shops and markets taking place in the Cotswolds as well as stores selling locally made items.

By following these 10 foolproof interior design tips, you can create a stylish, cosy and inviting home that reflects the Cotswolds’ unique character.

Whether you’re a long-time resident or a newcomer to the area, these tips will help you create a warm and welcoming space that you’ll feel at home in.

And if you need help bringing your design vision to life, we are here to help. Our experienced design team can work with you to create a personalised design plan that fits your style, budget, and vision. Contact us today to schedule a consultation

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