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Finishing touches – 5 tips to make your room feel ‘finished’

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Interior design guides, Design Tips & Trends, General interior design tips

You’ll probably have heard of finishing touches, but what does that mean, and why are they so important? Here are 5 examples of ‘things’ which will make your rooms feel finished.

1. Artwork – pictures on the walls will add colour and interest, and let others know more about you. They are key to making a space feel homely and completed.

2. Cushions and throws – these provide lots of colour and texture to your seating, and give shorter people more comfort when sitting on deep sofas. They are inexpensive and easy to change to give a fresh look.

3. Objects on shelves and surfaces – these are a stylist’s key to success and have huge visual impact when grouping different height and shaped items, oh and usually in odd numbers. 3s and 5s work best, and choose items roughly the size of a melon for most impact. We’ll often work with the clients’ existing items, and add to them to enhance the finished look.

4. Plants – real or faux – there are some fantastically lifelike artificial stems and plants available now. Biophilic design is a phrase you’ll be hearing a lot more in the media over the coming year, driven by our lockdown desire for outside space.

5. Scent – an often overlooked component of a finished room, but something that is highly noticeable and surprising for most people to experience when walking into a room. Diffusers (those bottles with sticks poking out of them) of all kinds of interesting smells are available – lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, cedar to name a few.