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Interior lighting – a short video guide to lighting types

by | Jul 7, 2024 | Interior design guides

If you’ve ever walked into a room in the evening and wondered why it felt so perfect, the unsung hero might have been the lighting scheme. Here’s a short explanation of the different types of lighting and how to use them.

Interior lighting can be a very common interior design mistake to make for those not in the know.

If you have ever walked into a room and thought “Wow, this feels AMAZING!” ​ but not really been able to put your finger on why that is, then often the unsung hero is the interior lighting.

Lighting is a bit like the Goldilocks of the interior design world in that if you have too much of it, it feels a bit like being in an operating theatre and if you don’t have enough, then the room feels really dim – and you may as well be in a cave!

So what’s the trick?

Well, the answer is what we call Layered lighting – It means not relying on one or two light sources to illuminate your room.

Interior lighting is all about creating depth and ambiance through multiple light sources from different categories.

The first one is Ambient lighting – this is the general light source you get when you flick a switch as you walk through the door.

Secondly, task lighting is when you want to focus light on a particular thing you are doing, say food prep.

And then Accent lighting is like the cherry on the top really, which is for illuminating features that you love – it might architectural features or it could be artwork or a sculpture

Taken altogether, lighting from these three categories create something really special in the room and that’s what makes it feel different. 

So, if you are feeling that it’s time to revisit the interior lighting in your home, and the best way of doing that, do please get in touch.

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Julia Murray
Interior lighting - a short video guide to lighting types 2

Julia Murray

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