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Bespoke Cotswolds Luxury: Designed with Your Family in Mind

Creating timeless luxury family homes; comfy, stylish, relaxed, practical
and kind of wow!

We specialise in bespoke designs for family-friendly luxury homes. We understand the importance of creating spaces that not only are elegant and sophisticated but also cater to the practical needs and safety of families.

Interior design is the creation of an emotional connection for you with your home – it’s that special feeling you get from walking into somewhere that makes you feel completely at ease.  A home that tells your story and  allows you to be yourself and totally relax.

For over a decade we have collaborated with clients in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds to remove their feelings of overwhelm, calm their fears of making wrong decisions, give them back their precious time, resolve décor disagreements, interpret their needs and aspirations to distil everything into a unique and elegant design – to give them the home they’ve always wanted.

Here’s what some of our clients have said about their reasons for needing our help…

Interior Designers Cheltenham

‘We were hopelessly at odds with each other over home improvements’


I know what I like but I don’t have the time or creative flair to bring things together for a finished result


‘We wanted a cohesive ‘grown up’ design approach to the whole house but lacked the time, confidence and knowledge to do it ourselves. 

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‘We were new to the area with no contacts and needed help with a full renovation of the house and a complete change of aesthetic‘


We excitedly moved into a large open plan house – then realised we had no idea how to furnish it!


‘I was sceptical about the effect of interior design until we stayed in a holiday property that had been professionally designed. It was a total revelation and I wanted that amazing feeling in our own home‘

And their Conclusion?

Overwhelmingly, clients said they lacked the time, creative knowledge and design ability, contacts or organisational skills to achieve their perfect home.

They had been disappointed by rooms that did not look and feel as they would like them to do.  They were unsure where to start to get the result they wanted and felt paralysed by all the decisions that needed to be made and confused about the best order to do things in.

They wanted help to achieve something much more considered, something extra – well beyond the simple picking of a sofa to go with some side tables and lamps, some curtains, cushions and paint colours.  They asked us to inspire them and be their guide.

A professionally designed home is the alchemy of how all those elements (and many more besides) come together, to align with your lifestyle, your taste, tell your story and give you an emotional connection and a feeling of joy every time you come home.

Interior Design is not a transactional activity, it’s transformational one.

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“Working with Julia and The House Ministry was first class. Together we agreed a brief, the design concepts and overall budget. Then Julia took over – she developed the designs, sourced the items and the tradespeople to carry out the work.

She managed the whole process whilst keeping me informed, ensured that the rooms were completed in line with the agreed design, schedule and budget. I am delighted with the results and we are enjoying living in our new home.”

Susie O.