Why you should choose the paint colours last.

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Paint Tester Pots

Dashing out in a state of excitement to buy some tester paint pots is what most people think of doing first when making changes to their rooms.  It is so tempting to dive straight into choosing wall colours as they can make a huge difference very quickly – but it would be the wrong starting point.

Paint is likely to be the cheapest outlay when refurbishing a room.  You are then left with the job of trawling the shops or the internet to find fabrics or sofas to match your chosen paint colour.  The result is a decision costing hundreds of pounds based on something costing about £30, and it is so easy to get it wrong or waste hours of your valuable time.  Your choices are narrowed down and boxed in from at the start.  Once over I was that person dashing to Homebase to buy stacks of testers then I wondered why my rooms took so long and never quite came together.  It was one of the reasons I went on to train in interior design and it all fell into place – have patience and make the decisions on the most costly items first, because the paint colour is the easiest and cheapest of all to tie in with the rest of the scheme.

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