“Moving Out”

30 seconds to make an impression.

Selling or renting your house, but have you mentally moved out? We can have your property looking desirable in no time. Good presentation is the short cut to a quick sale.

Prospective buyers or tenants make up their mind about your property within 30 seconds of stepping through the front door. Some don’t even make it any closer than driving past the outside of the property.

We can help you show your property in its best light which is the surest way to get plenty of viewings and secure a fast result at the best price.
Why should you stage your property for selling or rental?

To get the best price and a quicker sale or rental.

Buyers seek out well presented homes first, which in turn sell faster and for a better price. Homes that have been professionally staged really do earn up to 10-15% more than the competition. You can achieve this for the cost of updating of around 1-2% of the sale price – depending on how much you are prepared to do yourself.

Home staging is about working with what the home owner already has, to keep the outlay to a minimum.

Knowing what to change (if anything) beyond a declutter and a deep clean is understanding who your target buyers will be. Young families may have very different needs and desires to young professionals or retired people.

Buyers and renters are unimaginative. See your property through their eyes. Our top tips are

– Show the proper use for the rooms – and how they will fit with the buyer’s lifestyle aspirations. Buyers are put off when it comes to seeing how a room can be used if its purpose is not obvious. They want to visualise themselves relaxing in the living room or sleeping in the bedroom, laughing with friends around the dining table or pottering in the garden. Give them a visual example of each room’s purpose.

– Declutter and De-personalise. Many buyers are unable to see past someone else’s clutter or décor. Remove any really overpoweringly strong block colours or loud wallpaper and replace with calm neutrals (white, ivory, beige, taupe, grey black) livened up with the odd burst of colour using flowers, cushions, pictures etc. Tidy up and keep inside the of cupboards orderly – buyers will want to look in them.

– Do the repairs. Buyers are busy and may not have the time, energy or money to undertake a lot of repairs or renovations. A house with a lot of unfinished tasks or areas needing repair needs to have major compensations like price or location to attract a buyer. Why give them a reason to move on to the next viewing or negotiate a price reduction?

We can either do a talk and walk around the property, or a more detailed written report for you to implement. Or we can take care of the whole thing for you.

Still not sure? Give us a call on 01453 766554 to see how we can help.