Bespoke Curtains and Blinds

What is Pleating By Design?

Pleating by design is the pinnacle of craftsmanship in curtain making. If you like the best things in life and appreciate quality and good design then nothing less than this method will do.

Most fabrics have a motif or design that repeats across the width of the fabric. Pleating by design is the practice of placing the motif across the curtain so that each pleat and the flat space between each pleat carries a specific element of the design. The overall effect is that the pattern falls in a uniform fashion across the width of the curtain, no matter how many widths of fabric are joined. This methods works with many different styles of curtain heading, but can only be guaranteed with hand-made curtains.

Take a look at the photo and see how exactly the same part of the design falls between the pleats and on the crown of the pleats each time. There are any number of curtain companies charging you top rates for hand-made curtains (and also those who charge plenty for machine made curtains) and almost none of them bother to use this method. This attention to detail is all part of our desire for a quality product for our clients, and what sets us apart from the rest.

Roman Blinds

These are brilliant for windows with limited room either side.  They can be fitted inside or outside the window recess.  They are very versatile for windows you want to make a statement at when they are lowered, or alternatively to allow them to blend in with the wall colour.

Laminated Roller Blinds

Despite what might spring to mind , these are not shiny!  Choosing a laminated blind means you get to pick your fabric, as it is the process of laminating a stiffened backing cloth to the face material, providing thermal and dim-out qualities.

Traditional Curtains

Venetian Blinds

Metal and wooden options are available, in a whole range of colours and a variety of slat sizes.

Curtains pleated by design

Roller Blinds

There is an even greater selection available now than ever before, including sheer fabrics, which are perfect for privacy without restricting light.