Soft Furnishings and Upholstery

Roman Blinds

These are brilliant for windows with limited room either side.  They can be fitted inside or outside the window recess.  They are very versatile for windows you want to make a statement at when they are lowered, or alternatively to allow them to blend in with the wall colour.

Venetian Blinds

Metal and wooden options are available, in a whole range of colours and a variety of slat sizes.

Laminated Roller Blinds

Despite what might spring to mind , these are not shiny!  Choosing a laminated blind means you get to pick your fabric, as it is the process of laminating a stiffened backing cloth to the face material, providing thermal and dim-out qualities.

Roller Blinds

There is an even greater selection available now than ever before, including sheer fabrics, which are perfect for privacy without restricting light.