Photos by Nadia Dixon Photography

Case Study: Downsizing retirees requiring design of multi-functional rooms, with a cosmetic update.

Downsizing from a much larger property can present significant hurdles to those moving, and age is no barrier to style. Our senior clients required help to not only design their new spacious but ‘characterless box of an apartment’ but wanted to take advantage of our A team of tradespeople and our full service renovation package to manage the entire process and get their property move-in ready while they lived 35 miles away.

Making the smaller space work for them required really understanding their lifestyle including health constraints, advising them on which furniture to keep and what to pass on, then careful planning of space zoning (drawing room, dining and TV areas) and furniture layouts. We also developed a design that married their desire for a modern update of the dated kitchen and bathrooms together with a decorative scheme that introduced some traditional elements which complimented their many antique pieces of furniture.

After handling the renovation of the entire apartment, we were there on moving in day to guide the removal team to position every piece of furniture in its designated place. Our team unpacked all the boxes, put up pictures, filled bookshelves and styled the rooms with the aim of making the place feel like home for them from day 1.

Our clients were delighted with how well the different zones work for them. ‘

"We have no hesitation in recommending THM’s services. Julia has a very good manner and has the ability to assess her clients’ needs. We loved her creative designs and colour schemes."