Our 6-Step Process for Design and Renovation

Our 6-step process for Improving your home ensures you always know what’s happening next and when.

Renovating your home is a major decision and a significant investment. You and your family will spend many hours at home, for as long as you live there. We’d like to help you make sure they are happy ones.

Not only is it an investment but design is also extremely personal and you’ll want to be sure that your style is interpreted beautifully while the practical needs are taken care of too.

Together we will discover and transform the parts of your home which are to be a place of beauty and retreat; the areas which are to be robust enough to stand up to the rigours of family life and those which are to inspire fun, laughter and memories.

If you are hiring professional help, you’ll naturally expect inspiring design, excellent service, quality workmanship and materials as well as regular communication, in other words to know exactly what will happen when.

Our process has been developed to be robust and dependable.  It is designed to eliminate last minute decisions and mistakes as well as giving you clarity at every stage.


Take a closer look at our 6-Step Process for Design & Renovations below…

Let’s Talk!

Firstly, let’s arrange a good time to have an initial chat about you and your project.  This is completely free and with no obligation on either side. 

In advance of our conversation, we will ask you to give us some more details about your project so we can guide you to the best service to meet your needs.

Leading to a Preliminary Home Visit: Think of this as a exploration to talk about your dream home. We’ll begin to get to know each other and listen to what you envision for your home. It’s all about understanding your tastes, seeing how we can turn ideas into reality and understanding if we are a good fit to work together.


1. Laying the Foundation

This is where the fun begins!  We will work closely and dig into the details with you to discover your style.  Understanding your desired lifestyle and design personality is our number one goal.  Do you love contemporary chic, comfortable English country or perhaps something totally unique?  Together we will define what luxury and comfort mean to you and start shaping your dream space. 


2. Crafting The Concept

After Imagine sketching your dream on a canvas – that’s what we do here. We’ll draw up an elegant plan for your space. And don’t worry, we have experts like architects and trades people on board to make sure everything is not just beautiful but also practical.


3. Detailing The Dream

It’s all about the details! We’ll fine-tune every aspect of the design, right down to the estimated costs. Our experts will be with us every step of the way, ensuring that everything is not only aesthetically perfect but also practical for you.


4. The Treasure Hunt

Here’s where we purchase and commission all those quality items we have already selected for your home’s new look, including custom made furnishings and materials that match your style. Think of it as curating a collection of treasures for your home.


5. Bringing The Vision To Life

At this stage, our team of skilled tradespeople diligently works to transform your space, while we meticulously manage every aspect to ensure a smooth and exciting journey towards your dream home’s realisation.

6. The Big Reveal

The moment you’ve been waiting for! We bring everything together, transforming your space into something sophisticated and luxurious. When we’re done, we’ll unveil your stunning new space, crafted with the utmost care and quality.

Remember, this journey is all about creating a space that you’ll love – it’s exciting, fun, and uniquely yours!

Have some questions about how this works in practice?   Take a look at our FAQs page or get in touch for a no obligation chat.


“I chose Julia because she was very professional, friendly and knew how to interpret my needs. Her designs are gorgeous but totally practical.”

Zoe, Gloucestershire