Our 6 Step Interior Design Process

Improving your home is a major decision and a significant investment. You and your family will spend many hours at home, for as long as you live there. We’d like to help you make sure they are happy ones.

Not only is it an investment but design is also extremely personal and you’ll want to be sure that your style is interpreted beautifully while the practical needs are taken care of too.

Together we will discover and transform the parts of your home which are to be a place of beauty and retreat; the areas which are to be robust enough to stand up to the rigours of family life and those which are to inspire fun, laughter and memories.

If you are hiring professional help, you’ll naturally expect inspiring design, excellent service, quality workmanship and materials as well as regular communication, in other words to know exactly what will happen when.

Our process has been developed to be robust and dependable.  It is designed to eliminate last minute decisions and mistakes as well as giving you clarity at every stage.


Take a closer look at our dependable
6 Step Interior Design Process below…

0. Consulation

An introductory meeting to identify your aims and aspirations discuss ideas and potential solutions, offer advice and guidance and mutually decide if we are well suited to work together.


1. Foundation

Each project starts with an in-depth discussion to identify your lifestyle and needs, explore your aesthetic preferences, establish the scope and understand how you would like your home to feel and function.


2. Concept Design

After establishing your preferences and agreeing the design direction, we create a visual concept of your home to ensure we are on the right track from a form and functionality perspective.


3. Detailed Design

Building on the conceptual phase, the design is fully developed and costed through to the last details and presented through visuals and tangible examples for your approval.


4. Purchasing

All the furnishings and fixtures are ordered.  Contractors, vendors and other services are commissioned.


5. Implementation

Site alterations and construction takes place.  All the furnishings, fixtures, artwork and accessories are installed by our team ready for the conclusion.

6. Reveal & Completion

The project has been completed with care and attention.  The conclusion is revealed and the project wrap up takes place.

Have some questions about how this works in practice?   Take a look at our FAQs page or get in touch for a no obligation chat.


“I chose Julia because she was very professional, friendly and knew how to interpret my needs. Her designs are gorgeous but totally practical.”

Zoe M