Luxe Living. Cotswolds

Luxury Cotswolds Living Room

The family were looking for a Soho home vibe, with colour and texture and some one-off pieces.  Our upholsterer repurposed a two seater sofa into a chaise longue and the addition of the unique hand made coffee table made it completely bespoke to them.


Our Client said…

I know what I like but I don’t have the time or creative flair to bring things together for a finished result.

We asked her a few questions about the experience of working with us….

What was the result you were looking to achieve?

A comfy, relaxed sitting room that is stylish and practical. And kind of wow!


What was standing in the way of being able to achieve that yourselves?

Time, organisation skills, good suplliers/contacts, creative skill


Did everything go as you expected?   Are you happy with the result?

Yes, everything went as expected because there wasn’t any surprises. Julia and Jess made sure communication was regular and detailed if necessary.

I am VERY happy with the result. It’s a beautiful room that looks very different to what we had before. It feels fresh and I am really relaxed when I’m in there. My daughter and my husband love it too. Visitors just love it!


What was the experience of working with THM like?

Really hassle free. Meetings were exciting, loved reviewing the products and fabrics together. It was enjoyable! Julia and Jess are just lovely and hardworking.


What advice would you give anyone considering working with THM?

Do it! Spend the time on getting the briefing right and the rest will be fun!




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The House Ministry Cool Vibes Overview
The House Ministry Cool Vibes LHS Bookcase
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The House Ministry Cool Vibe Close Up Knot
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The House Ministry Cool Vibe Close Up Armchair
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