Luxe Boudoir. Cheshire

Our Clients said…

We are hopelessly at odds with each other over home improvements…. 

Our approach…

With very different design tastes (think bold and multi-coloured florals versus neutral and understated plains) finding the middle ground for a design scheme was not without its challenges.

By focusing on what they could agree upon – antique furniture, quality products and a hint of luxe we carefully selected each fabric, furnishing, finish and texture to complement and work together and turned an unloved and shabby bedroom into a chic boudoir.


We asked them a few questions about the experience of working with us…


What was standing in the way of being able to achieve the result you wanted yourselves?

 The inability to get the grown ups in the house to agree!


What was your overall level of satisfaction with the finished result?

Couldn’t be more satisfied, absolutely delighted with the result.

It is a magical room that is a joy to enter.

Could we have done something differently to improve your experience?

I think that the hardest bit was the brief at the beginning, asking us to put into words what we wanted.

It was much easier talking about the kitchen, maybe because it was second time of working together and we knew what was coming.

[Note from THM – we have since refined our onboarding process to help clients articulate what they are looking for]


Reporting – did you find the status updates useful and of the right frequency?

The reporting was weekly, or slightly longer frequency when not so much was happening, which was just right.  

That summary of where we were and what to expect held the many loose ends together.


Financials – was the level of financial information clear and detailed enough?

You took on board the finances available and worked with it, giving us options at each stage.

As the project ran on we always knew what had been spent and when the next payment would be.


What advice would you give anyone considering working with THM?

Good choice, you will be delighted with the result.


Duncan and Susi



At the conclusion,
Our Clients said…

It’s a magical room that’s a joy to enter. 

We couldn’t be more satisfied.




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