The House Ministry Limited’s goal is to make a real difference in our clients’ lives by enabling them to get the very best out of their living spaces, and to ensure their enjoyment of and confidence in our design and implementation process through the expertise and integrity of ourselves and our trusted suppliers.


All of our projects start with an initial no obligation telephone conversation with our clients to gain an understand of their situation and aspirations for their space.  By listening carefully to their pain points we gain an understanding of which of the services we offer can help them best.  Call us today on 01242 572108 or 01453 766554 to find out more.



All of our projects start with an initial two-hour, on-site design consultation.  This is very much a working meeting, which we have developed to give clients an opportunity to work directly with a professional Interior Designer – either on a consultation only basis (ideal for DIY customers) or as a launch for a project managed by ourselves.  You will see us in action and will confirm whether you think we would be a good fit to collaborate with you on your project.

We will ask you to complete a pre-consultation meeting questionnaire.  The aim of this is to give you a structure to think about your needs and aspirations in advance, which allows us to do some preparation before the meeting so that no time is wasted during it.  We expect to be able to subsequently provide you with a scope of work and an expectation of the cost of the project, so you have something concrete to be able to progress your project further.

Call us now on 01242 572108 or 01453 766554 for more information on what you can expect to gain from the consultation, and to book your appointment.



We have adopted a proven and comprehensive step by step programme for managing interior design and refurbishment projects, with the aim of ensuring that you are guided and fully supported throughout the experience and your project is delivered on time and on budget.

The two-hour design consultation is the first step in the programme – we use it to create the scope of work, answering your design questions as we work through the space.  At the end of the consultation we will explain our step by step working methods, and the value you will get from the experience of using The House Ministry.


Call 01242 572108 or 01453 766554 today to find out more.

Supply of Materials

All fixtures, fittings and equipment required to complete your new interior or home design scheme can be purchased through us at competitive rates.


Project Co-ordination

For Design & Refurbishment Projects we will appoint contractors, source suppliers and oversee the installation and deal with any issues.