Julia & Neil

'Creative designs should reflect what’s important to you'

About The House Ministry

Established in 2011, The House Ministry is committed to delivering beautifully designed, comfortable homes that inspire lasting pleasure.

Based in Cheltenham, we work across the Cotswolds and beyond. Working with clients in the UK, Europe and the USA our strength lies in our project management skills and meticulous attention to detail. Our linear way of working ensures the professional management of our projects without the need for endless and unnecessary meetings.

Offering our clients a seamless service, we also work with a trusted network of other local property specialists covering all aspects of property design and build including; architecture, construction and landscape design.


How we work

Julia Murray

Fascinated by how people live in their space and wanting to share her enthusiasm for breathing life into tired or dysfunctional properties, Julia gained her Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration in 2010.

Julia has always been a natural collaborator, working closely with her clients, she is able to understand how they live and what they need from their space. With her creative flair and sense of style she interprets their aspirations into personalised designs that provide the ‘wow’ factor they desire whilst being truly functional for their lifestyle.

Julia’s background within the record industry taught her that creative inspiration requires teamwork and diligent management to deliver a quality design. Her experience in project management, people skills and thorough consideration of each element ensures every project is seamlessly accomplished every time.

Neil Murray

Concerned with fiscal integrity, Neil’s wealth of financial expertise in a number of senior roles within the Financial Services industry enables him to provide robust support to The House Ministry with the disciplined management of our client’s budgets.

With a strong focus on the financial and planning aspects of every project and taking a strategic view, he ensures there is full accountability of any money that is held or spent on the client’s behalf.

Our Ethos

We believe in great design and providing an excellent service where we treat people fairly, work with honesty and integrity and always strive to be the best that we can be in all circumstances.

In practice this means:

  • We provide our clients with a timeline of when they will make important decisions so that they can retain full control over their budget
  • All decisions and costings are made up front, indecisions and alterations are resolved at the earliest stage removing the main reason why projects go over budget and over time
  • Every step in the process is completed before we move on and we keep all parties informed of the next steps that will be taken, at each stage of the project

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