About The House Ministry Interior Design Studio

Close your eyes….. imagine walking into a beautifully designed, comfortable home that will inspire in you lasting pleasure.

The House Ministry Interior Design Studio is committed to delivering that feeling for you, time after time.

Established in 2011 by Julia Murray and based in Cheltenham, we are a team of qualified and experienced designers working on luxurious and stylish period properties and contemporary homes across the Cotswolds and beyond, for clients based in the UK, Europe and the USA. 

Our strength lies in using our extensive interior design skills, meticulous attention to detail and proven track record to interpret your brief to create a home that reflects your individual style.

We employ our vision, our experience, our execution, our efficiency, our contacts and connections to create something extra for you.

Our structured way of working ensures the professional management of your interiors project and is designed to remove stress and hassle while engaging you in the enjoyable side of things, along with certainty over cost and quality.    We have a experience in managing complex projects from start to finish, on time and on budget.


How are we different? It sounds obvious, but we put ourselves in your shoes.  We take time at the start of working together to really understand you and the lifestyle and aspirations you have for your home. We do some deep thinking about a design that’s beautiful, with impressive functionality, which is right for you.

We have a committment to quality and attention to the details, as well as a goal of a client experience that exceeds your expectations.

Each home design project’s aesthetic is centred around each client’s taste, layered in with our style and take on it (which is why you’ll see different design styles on our portfolio pages).

Our process and communication is clear, efficient and approachable. We value integrity and accountability.

We willingly provide answers to the questions we know you’ll have about the process and how we work and not just gloss over them – please take a look at our FAQs page and Knowledge centre for examples of this.

Read on to meet the core team…….


Julia Murray

I’m Julia Murray, founder of The House Ministry and creator of stylish, relaxed and personality filled homes.

But I didn’t start off in interiors. I was actually in a project management role for EMI Records for over a decade, daydreaming about designing interiors and fascinated by how people live in their homes.

We moved house frequently. Breathing new life and flow into the dysfunctional and shabby houses we renovated was exciting, but there were two issues that frequently cropped up: firstly, I discovered that tradespeople I engaged to do the work didn’t always work well together, resulting in costly mistakes and delays.

Secondly, the finished rooms didn’t look quite as I expected them to. There was something missing and I didn’t know what. Undeterred and curious, I made it my mission to study interior design to discover why.


After moving to the Cotswolds I ran a 5* mini mansion which was rented out for holidays and celebration weekends for a few years. Alongside that I retrained and got a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration and launched The House Ministry in 2011.

Eleven years later and with over 50 projects accomplished, our experience is comprehensive and varied – and as a team we never stop learning and evolving in our quest for the highest professional standards.

If I had to choose just one thing that I love most about being an Interior Designer it would be that I’m in the emotions business and that wonderful connection a well designed space can give you.

And I’d love to help you do the same so if you’re ready to have a chat about working with us you can book a time that suits you below.

Jess Platt

Graduating in 2021 with a degree in Architecture and Design from Bournemouth Arts University, Jess has settled in as a valuable member of the design team and clients love her warmth and gentle approach.

Holding a long standing enthusiasm for interior design as well as an interest in colour psychology, Jess brings a fresh perspective to our design schemes as well as a keen eye for spacial planning. Her ability to bring schemes to life through 3D visuals and digital presentations is legendary.

Jess supplements her existing design training through regular CPD and is excited for the journey she is on, pursuing a career in a field she is passionate about.

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about neil

Neil Murray

Concerned with fiscal integrity, Neil’s wealth of financial expertise in a number of senior roles within the Financial Services industry enables him to provide robust support to The House Ministry with the disciplined management of our client’s budgets.

With a strong focus on the financial and planning aspects of every project and taking a strategic view, he ensures there is full accountability of any money that is held or spent on the client’s behalf.

“Your achieving the final result on time was nothing short of amazing to me! Your interpersonal skills guaranteed full co-operation from the workers you employed. I would recommend your services unreservedly.”

Mr. Bell